Parallel Perception & Counter Connection

A group exhibition by four Singapore artists and four Japanese artists “Parallel Perception & Counter Connection”
Japan Creative Center 8 -28 Feb 2014

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Participating artists:
Representing Singapore: Yeo Shih Yun | Justin Lee | Ade Putra Safer | Khairullah Rahim
Representing Japan: Aya Murakami | Kaoru Murakami | Chihiro Kabata | Yuri Kabata


Project6581 is a collaboration of INSTINC Singapore and Youkobo Art Space Tokyo. Gaining its name from the phone codes of Japan and Singapore this project involves the exchange of 4 artists from each country in a collaborative residence program. Each pair of artists immersed themselves in the city for a period of one month and created works inspired by the city.

In this series of art residency exchanges, two pairs of Singaporean artists and two pairs of Japanese artists switch cities and explored art in a culturally displaced frame of mind, as they try to find a parallel in space and time of where they came from and where they were situated. The attempt to negotiate the differences of geography that result in differences in ways of life and ways of thinking in the two different countries give rise to a series of artworks that revealed a reconciliation or a resolution of the issues explored and exposed.

This exhibition also kickstart INSTINC's 10th anniversary celebration(yes, we are 10!) , reinforcing our key mission of encouraging collaboration, cultural exchange and sharing of ideas in contemporary art with local as well as international artists. “Parallel Perception & Counter Connection” will feature a range of installations, drawings, paintings and photographs by these eight artists. This exhibition is curated by Kelley Cheng, creative director of The Press Room.

About Japan Creative Center
Japan Creative Centre (JCC) is the symbol of close relationship between Japan and Singapore. JCC organizes an array of
Japanese events to promote Japanese tradition, innovation and culture.

About Youkobo Art Space (
Youkobo Art Space manages an Artist-In-Residence (AIR) program and a non-profit gallery for domestic and foreign artists, and also commit to supporting other AIR programs, to international exchanges and community activities through art, and to nurture young art workers. As a ‘studio (‘kobo’) for ‘you’ (also means ‘play’ in Japanese), Youkobo aims to give many people opportunities for art and cultural experiences, by supporting artists’ autonomous activities.

About INSTINC | Celebrating 10 years (
Established in 2004, INSTINC is an artist-run institution that promotes a new language of art. Following the tradition of painting, INSTINC has pushed the paradigm to realize a wide array of art forms, including but not limited to installation, performance and video art. One of INSTINC's key mission is to encourage collaboration, cultural exchange and sharing of ideas in contemporary art with local as well as international artists. Therefore in 2009, INSTINC's international artist residency program is launched. Through exhibitions, art workshops, artists' talks & collaborations, INSTINC aims to establish an exciting platform where artists and public can engage with contemporary art and critical discourses. To further promote the contemporary art scene in Singapore, in 2011, INSTINC spearheads its inaugural “Squares Invasion” Painting Competition in search of artists in the forefront of contemporary painting. This year 2014, INSTINC will be celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Dates/ Duration:
Opening reception 7 Feb 2014 (by invite only)
Curator and artists' walk through 8 Feb 2014, 2-4pm
Exhibition dates: 8-28 Feb 2014, closed on 11 FEB 2014

Opening dates & hours:
10am- 6pm ( Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays closed and Feb 11 National Foundation Day closed)

Venue: Japan Creative Center
4 Nassim Road
t: +65 6737 0434