Studio Space Rental


Are you planning to make more art in 2016? Looking for an inspiring studio space to work in? You can have the opportunity to work and collaborate in a creative community focused studio space. We are the first artist-run studio space in Singapore. At INSTINC STUDIOS, we are always keen to have new creative minds join us and that is why we work hard to provide an inspirational environment for all our artists.


"I envisioned INSTINC STUDIOS to be NOT just any studio but a studio that artists from different countries can mingle, interact and share ideas. The artists are always changing so they will be constant new energies in INSTINC STUDIOS. The culture is about being in a community, supporting one another, walking into each other's studio for a spontaneous 'critique' session. The atmosphere is a fun, inspiring one- take a book from INSTINC library, sit down, have a cup of tea, meet another artist and have a chat on art, on life, on anything!! Here in INSTINC STUDIOS, COLLABORATION, CULTURAL EXCHANGE & FRIENDSHIP HAPPENS!" Shih Yun, Director, INSTINC





(not available)


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20 sq meters

12 sq meters

15.5 sq meters

12.5 sq meters

13.4 sq meters

     Wall Space

1 huge wall: 4.7meters (width) and  2.8 meters height

1 huge wall: 3.4meters (width) and 2.8 meters (height)

1 huge wall: 2.75meters (width) and 2.8 meters (height)

1 huge wall: 3.9meters (width) and 2.8 meters (height)

2 huge walls: 4.2meters &3.2meters(width)

2.8 meters (height)

Price includes: rental of studio, use of common space, tables, chairs, shelves, lockers, trolleys and maintenance fees and all utility bills. 
Rental is minimum 3 months, renewal at the 2nd month if both artist and INSTINC is pleased to renew lease.

Privileges of being INSTINC STUDIOS artists:

* Rental of INSTINC SOHO at a discounted rate. (20% less)

* Interact and mingle with INSTINC artist-in-residence, international artists throughout the year. Our vision: Collaboration, Cultural exchange and Friendship.   

*  Work in a ­studio space that has quality artists, so that interaction will be of quality too.  Artists are selected based on quality of works thus not all artists who apply get opportunity to rent INSTINC STUDIOS.

 Email your name, contact number, medium and most importantly works or website here if keen to share this space or keen to know about the rental rates.