INSTINC loves collaboration and in line with our vision : Collaboration, Cultural Exchange and Friendship, we are starting this exciting collaboration between two artists, one from Singapore and one from anywhere in the world!

We are looking for artists based in Singapore, working with all kinds of media to collaborate with international artists from INSTINCAIR program.  You can be doing any of these or a combination: sculptures, performance art, music composers, painting, black and white film photograpghy, digital photography, installation, multi-media, music, new media, painting, poetry, playwriting, printmaking, sound, video, writers and others...

Are you game for it?

We will email you once we have a match and reveal the international artist to you,you can then decide if you want to accept or reject this collaboration. If you accept, you will collaborate in INSTINC STUDIOS or your studio. All or some of the collaborated works will be exhibted in INSTINC SOHO at the end of the residency of the international artist. You and the international artist can also decide not to exhibit any works.

The following support is provided to all artists for this collaboration program:

          Marketing and publicity through INSTINC’s monthly e-newsletter

·       Sponsored opening exhibition reception to be presented to the public at the end of residency (optional)


This is application is for 2015 and 2016 only.  Collaboration rocks!

Click here to apply