408 hours in Itoshima 

A solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and video installation by artist Shih Yun Yeo(Singapore)


19-23 Sept 2010

Opening reception 18 Sept 2010, 19:00-21:00


With a studio converted from a rice warehouse, the spectacular view of the rice fields, the mountains and village life is a refreshing change from the cityscape in Singapore. The surroundings and time spent in Studio Kura and Itoshima has inspired artist Shih Yun Yeo(Singapore) to use canvases and papers, black and white colour to create paintings and drawings and a video installation in her works in this exhibition. In this new series of works, she will use non-traditional painting tools like robot, remote control cars and found objects around Studiokura to create the works.

Shih Yun Yeo is resident artist from 1 Sept to 17 Sept 2010 at Studiokura. The title, ‘408 hours in Itoshima’ is exactly the number of hours in 17 days- she has to absorb the culture, be inspired and create a new body of works in a brand new environment. The title also hints a sense of urgency as she Shih Yun counts down to the opening reception of this exhibition. The clock is ticking…408 Hours

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