Objective: Network with art spaces and artists in Toyko so that in the future there is an opportunity to collaborate and exhibit in Singapore. To visit interesting Japanese artist studios.

I am invited as a Director of INSTINC to give a presentation on INSTINC's activities and Artist residency programs in Singapore. At the same time, I am in Youkobo Art Space to conduct my research on art spaces, artists in Tokyo and the potential to have an exchange with Tokyo in the near future. I would also like to use Youkobo Art Space as a case study as INSTINC and Youkobo Art Space has some similarities (both are interested in collaborations and exchange and has an AIR program and is small in scale and run by artist) and Youkobo has ten years of experience. The Global Internship Program that Youkobo has is also of particular interest to me as I would like to start an internship program in INSTINC in Singapore in 2012.


Research on Global Internship Program research
To accomplish this goal, Youkobo is developing a Global Internship Program (GIP), to be run concurrently with and to assist in supporting its AIR program. The GIP is intended to give gifted young curators and art managers a chance for hands-on experience in all aspects of art management. We are currently seeking internationally-minded individuals who share our objectives and can take the initiative in helping us develop our programs and devise innovative ways of deepening international communication via the arts, linking artists with local communities, and creating new ways of making and presenting art that both reflect and address the experience of modern, urban, multicultural society.

Interview with the directors on the Global Internship Program
• Started 5/6 yrs ago after meeting in Amsterdam

• So far there are 5 interns, all international or locals but study abroad

• Period of internship 1 year, 4 day , 32 hours per week.

• Initially accommodation for intern is provided, now no accommodation.

• Job scope of the intern is maintaining the website, answering emails, gallery setup , uninstallation, cleaning, everything in Youkobo to ensure smooth running.
• Benefits of the interns is experience of managing art space and chance to curate a final exhibition where the intern can invite overseas artists to Youkobo for an exhibition or workshop or other event. Airfare and accommodation of overseas artists are responsibility of the artists.