INSTINC10: The Great Collaboration

Pls join us for the opening reception on 15 NOV 2014 at Studio67 Art Space, 67 Kampong Bahru Road from 630-930pm.

INSTINC10: Celebrating a decade of art and collaboration

by 5 Singapore and 5 international artists

15 NOV 2014 Opening Reception 2014
16 NOV 2014 @ Studio 67 Art Space
20-23 NOV 2014 Affordable Art Fair Singapore

“INSTINC is not a commercial gallery... It’s a project of an artist dreamer…” Alba Escayo

Sustaining an artistic enterprise for 10 years, with its moments of tears and laughter, is no easy task. Requiring much courage and persistence, it is certainly a noteworthy milestone, made possible through the support and generosity of countless individuals.

And so, to celebrate INSTINC’s 10th anniversary and key mission to encourage collaboration, cultural exchange and the sharing of ideas in contemporary art, INSTINC is inviting 10 artists to create collaborative artworks in 7 days based on a prescribed theme, culminating in an exhibition at Studio 67 Art Space and then at the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore. The 10 artists will be a mix of locals and other nationalities, who have at one point or other shared in INSTINC’s journey, and will be randomly paired to create artworks together in 7 days.

This 7 day collaborative residency also marks the coming of a full circle; drawing inspiration from INSTINC director Yeo Shih Yun’s experience at the LindArt International Fine Arts Colony in Lendava, Slovenia, which was also one of the keys that led to the launch of INSTINC’s International Artist-in-Residence programme. The result of this collaboration will be twenty 30cm by 30cm works on canvases and twenty 60cm by 60cm works on canvases as well as two Volvo cars, one of which to be painted live during the AAF outside the F1 pit building on 21 NOV 2014 , at 630-930pm.

Supported by:

& Indiegogo backers

INSTINC Patron of Honour: Mr Toh Ee Loong

Justin Chua
Tracy Mortimer
Linda Williams
Shanen Chan
Ivy Franco
Natalie Yong
Chia Wee Han
Connie Pong
Susanah Toh
Michael Amter
Hirofumi Matsuzaki
Linda Chandler
Esmund Chua
Tiffany Wan
Kwok Jen Nie
Marie Ng
Julie Upmeyer
Alexis Butt
Kim and James Kei McClellan
Kaylee Wellik
Kelley Cheng
Steve and Valerie Rifkin
Jennifer Lindquist
Frederick Chandler
Kunyoung Chang
Valerie Cheah
Daniela Beltrani
Isabel Paz
Richard Williams
Mark Tregurtha
Allen Lo
Sharon Quah
Ida Santoso
Karen Woods
Lim Su Pei
Jennie Susanto
June Lee
Michelle Lim
Lynn Choy
Tan Wang Theng
Wyn-Lyn Tan
Noviana Santoso
Yap Pei Chen
Amanda Brett
Lai Kok Hui
Tan Shir Ee
Adrian Lo
Sen Lai

and many Anonymous backers!