PANEL DISCUSSION #3 – Local Knowledge: Dignity, Solidarity, Sustainability, Social Justice

PANEL DISCUSSION #3 – Francisco GUEVARA, Moderator
Local Knowledge: Dignity, Solidarity, Sustainability, Social Justice
9:00 AM Mexico City CDT (10:00 AM EDT, 7:00 AM PDT, 4:00 PM Paris, 5:00 PM Dar es Salaam, 7:45 PM Kathmandu, 10:00 PM Taipei, 11:00 PM Tokyo)
Panelists: Tony EVANKO, Casa Tres Patios (Colombia) – Dr. Jeffreen HAYES (USA) – Mami KATSUYA, Kyoto Art Center (Japan) – Liudmyla NYCHAI, Nazar Voitovich Art Residence (Ukraine) – Shih Yun YEO, Instinc Art Space (Singapore)

Violence, oppression, and even colonization can’t be interpreted as pure and simple domination, especially considering that contestation and resistance has always been a counter reaction that has continuously allowed communities to transform themselves. Boaventura de Sousa Santos explains that the power of communities reside in “the construction and validation of knowledge born in struggle, of ways of knowing, developed by social groups as part of their resistance against systematic injustices and oppressions caused by capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy.” In that sense, artist residencies around the globe and the multiplicity of their models, have allowed them to effectively adapt to the local artistic and cultural needs, while gaining traction to impact the development of artistic discourses at a global scale (Smith 2012, Guevara 2019). In the book Contemporary Artist Residencies: Reclaiming Time and Space, editors Taru Elfving and Irmeli Kokko urgently convey us to continue critical discussions and radical experimentation in the face of uncertainty; more than ever, concepts such as dignity, solidarity, sustainability and social justice are relevant to the practice of artist residencies. What have we learned locally that could be implement interculturally and transnationally?




Join us in “The End of the Grand Tour? Virtual Symposium on Artist Residencies: Future, Place and State”, organized by Arquetopia Foundation and Synergy Artist Residency Network, in collaboration with multiple institutions around the globe. Although the Grand Tour is a fairly vague construction that changed through the centuries, it has shaped ideas about destinations and gave origin to a long-lasting practice of traveling for education, personal development and culture, a tradition that continues to resonate and that artist residencies have reclaimed. Nevertheless, and especially in these tumultuous times, it is necessary to re‑examine with a magnifying glass the limitations of sustainability alongside the legacy of history, including the dark implications of art in the invention of place, as a fantasy product of the mutual investment of power and images.

The End of the Grand Tour? symposium is organized in sessions that will include virtual keynotes and round tables through a series of panels that will include the perspectives and experiences from artist residencies and cultural institutions, as well as the expertise of scholars from diverse backgrounds and different locations around the globe. Each has been carefully selected considering mission, scope of programs, relevance in the field, community engagement and geographical location to ensure a multiplicity of perspectives and experiences. Arquetopia is organizing this event for free, providing the technology and logistical support, hosting each session as a video call with a keynote speaker or a scholar as guest moderator that will facilitate the discussion of the specific topic to engage the participant organizations.

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