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Opening | 12 MARCH 2020, 7-9pm ON GOOGLE HANGOUT with artists

Online Exhibition dates :  13 April - 26 Aug 2020

Artsy Featured show 13-17 April 2020

Venue | artsy online platform

Click here to see all the works in this exhibition!  25% of sales proceeds will be donated to:COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. (https://covid19responsefund.org/)

Watch this exhibition grow as we continue to update here with more inspired-in-isolation artworks and other existing symbolic works of the lockdowned artists.




Singapore  - INSTINC is pleased to present 14-days STAY HOME NOTICE. As our world and societies grapple with COVID-19,  what is really happening to our inner selves?

Physically lockdowned and socially distanced, where are we emotionally, psychologically, creatively? More intimately than before, many will find ourselves face to face, with our own conscience, desires, regrets, fears, hopes, convictions; and if we allow ourselves to retreat into deeper self-containment and self-discovery at the same time, where will our imagination lead us?

INSTINC brings together the emotional perspectives, stories, expressions and curious explorations of 14 isolated artists with #StayHomeNotice# an online art exhibition traversing the subliminal connections and some paradoxical pitstops on the uncharted itinerary between extraordinary isolation and creativity.

Can one happily embrace a forced measure of solitude?

What have we unexpectedly regained as intellectual humans because we are losing our freedoms?

How is it that loneliness can dissolve barriers and be a source of warmth for some?

Are we connecting more than before when we are at our most disconnected and disrupted?

Perhaps it is only in confronting and connecting with our inner realities that we truly are evolving in our humanity, and to discover the pathways to make peace with the unknowns of such pandemic times.

We believe in the power of art and personal creative processes to make sense and inspire the human condition. We hope that our works in #StayHomeNotice# can help our audience to connect in with their own creativity as we all take the journey forwards for as long as it takes.

14 Artists are:
Andy Yang (Singapore)
Ezzam Rahman (Singapore)
Joanne Pang (Singapore)
Urich Lau (Singapore)
Shih Yun Yeo (Singapore)
Alba Escayo (Spain)
Carlotta Cardana (Italy)
Chihiro Kabata (Japan)
Denise Schellmann (Vienna)
Margaret Lanzetta (USA)
Michael Amter (USA)
Rusudan Khizanishvili (Georgia)
Shin Young Park (New Zealand)
Yuuri Kabata (Japan)