"A removal from or of fault.  DE:FAULT is an exhibition that holds artists at NO fault from the works presented; all faults predicted.  Artists are to experiment playfully. Their only criteria is to act on unfamiliar grounds."


Singapore  - INSTINC is pleased to present DE:FAULT, a one night only exhibition by seven award-winning, established local artists Andy Yang, Ezzam Rahman, Justin Lee, Urich Lau, Yen Phang, Yeoh Hwee Wee and Yeo Shih Yun. Whilst they have exhibited in different exhibitions in Singapore and aboard, this one night exhibition will the first time these seven artists exhibit together! Having been in this location since 2009, this exhibition will also mark INSTINC last exhibition in this current premise and state before a major renovation which starts right after the end of the exhibition. This exhibition also celebrates INSTINC 15th anniversary since establishing in 2004 in Chinatown.