In the presentation Things Fall Together, artists Yeo Shih Yun, Laudi Abilama and Chihiro and Yuuri Kabata come together in a profusion of emotion and exuberance that is underpinned by loss, longing, humour and irony. Yeo challenges and departs from preconceived notions of Warholian screen printing with her bold Screenpaintings, while Abilama celebrates the complicated genius and legacy of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew. Chihiro and Yuuri Kabata, artists from Japan who also happen to be sisters, explore notions of control and balance, while executing their wildly abstract works. Each artist presents a nuanced and different way of looking at the world – whether it be through the medium of obsessive ballpoint ink markings or the calculated gaze of a senior politician. A surprising level of premeditation and discipline belie the works of Yeo and the Kabata sisters, something Lee Kuan Yew was well-known for during his term as Prime Minister, and later Minister Mentor to the Singapore Cabinet. Yet Lee was also something of an adventurer and changemaker – his bold ways of thinking helped to propel Singapore to economic and other successes. Apprised as a singular presentation, all these works fall together as a poetic statement on the complications and vagaries of the human condition, on the value of deviations from the norm and on the collaborative spirit that few seem capable of in these politically troubled times.


PLOT, 23 Teo Hong Road, S(088332) Friday 25 January 2019


Private Preview Saturday 26 January 2019 Panel Discussion with Artists and National Gallery Singapore curator Jennifer K.Y. Lam 3pm-4pm