TRUMP KIM COLLABORATION by Laudi Abilama and Yeo Shih Yun

Artworks Statement

A breath of history provides the urgent subject matter for a new way of working between Shih Yun Yeo and Laudi Abilama in 2019. Having previously collaborated only once before in 2011, the uncertainty of outcome provides the catalyst for the appearance of Trump and Kim in their artwork.

Newspaper clippings and images derived from the peace summit in June of 2018 explore a juxtaposition of traditional mark making and a seemingly modern method of silk screen printing. Haphazardly confronting the discipline of printmaking allows for the silkscreens to be treated as brush strokes on a painting. All of this as a refection of a delicate but decisive moment in history conceived in Singapore.

This series of paintings were created in January 2019 at INSTINC Studios.