Talk: Vitality & Viability - Artistic Exchange Between 3 Artists

If you've ever wondered what the visual arts industry is like in Georgia, Iran, Munich, New York and Singapore, this is the talk for you.

Be informed on the similarities and differences that each state offers and join us in an informal discussion, as practicing artists Daryl Goh (Singapore), Kuros Nekouian (Munich/Iran) and Levan Songulashvili (Georgia/New York) share their experiences, practice and thoughts on their respective arts industry.

FRI 15 February 2019
7:00–8:00 pm

12 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-163 Soho2@Central
Singapore 059819

Free admission

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Daryl Goh_Singapore
An award-winning art consultant, judge and projection artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive Media) and Master of Fine Art (Media Arts), Daryl is a nominator and judge for prominent art prizes like the Sovereign Asian Art Prize and The Global Art Awards, and lectures at the Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive & Digital Media.

Among the global publications including print, web and national television that have commended his work, he has been featured alongside Mark Rothko in the publication, The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2015. With more than 70 global shows, Daryl's work has been extended across the globe to prestigious venues including the Carrousel Du Louvre at Paris' Louvre Palace, Sale del Bramante in Italy and Melbourne's premiere light festival, White Night Melbourne.

On top of that, he curated one of Singapore's largest annual festivals, Noise Singapore's The Apprenticeship Programme for the National Arts Council (Singapore) that featured more than 70 artists at the Singapore Art Museum. Daryl is also the Designer and Producer of Asia-Pacific's first ever projection mapping infused retail experience, Installation Lucid @ Zhuang Home of Singapore Designers.

The frequent guest lecturer is the founder of NPE Art Residency & Gallery and a Senior Consultant to The Rich List (Singapore). The 10-time award winning practitioner has been a member of the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists since 2012.

Instagram: daryl.goh

Kuros Nekouian_Munich/Iran
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Born in Munich, I've practice painting, printmaking and sculpture in Munich and Tehran (Iran). In early 2016, I started to create digital paintings on my iPad, titled 'the nomadic studio’ series. Every day a painting - anywhere. The titles of my paintings reflect the location (the international code of the closest airport) and the date of creation.

Instagram: kuros_nekouian

Levan Songulashvili_Georgia/New York
A Georgian-born New York-based visual artist; painter, draughtsman, installation and multimedia video artist, his award-winning works and multimedia installations have been shown in art galleries, private collections, and museums worldwide, including the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Museum and The Rustaveli National Theater.

He has collaborated with Turner Prize-winning artist – Jeremy Deller, American rock star – Iggy Pop, Japanese fashion designer – Issey Miyake, photographer – Yuriko Takagi, composer – Giya Kancheli; his work has been exhibited alongside pieces by Egon Schiele, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marina Abramović, Spencer Tunick, Yoko Ono, Odd Nerdrum, among others.

Songulashvili began painting in early childhood. At the age of 19, after the artist’s solo show in Georgia, he was invited to Germany as part of the art project. The western culture, German and French philosophy and psychoanalysis has influenced the young artist’s world view, and he proceeded to new creative experiments and conceptual research on his return to Georgia, which was a beginning of a new stage in his art.

At the age of 21, he won several merit scholarships and art prizes and became the first Georgian artist who earned his Master’s (M.F.A.) degree with honors from The New York Academy of Art (founded by Andy Worhol) in Painting. After graduation he was TA for ‘Art & Culture’ MFA course at the same university.

In 2018, the artist’s works were presented in the group exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts ahead of the venue’s 250th anniversary and ‘Art Geneve’, Switzerland, followed by his art residency show in Berlin, Germany.

The idea of mutability and possession of an independent sense of emergent identity is of great concern to Songulashvili, particularly as it relates to the recent re-emergence of Georgia as an independent and autonomous state in 1991 — the year of the artist’s birth.

In 2018, Songulashvili had his extensive autonomous exhibition ‘The STYX‘ curated by Mark Gisbourne (former President of the British Art Critics Association) in two gallery spaces at The ERTI. The ambitious show included a series of paintings and film installations devoted to the self-regenerative medusozoa jellyfish. In the second space there was another projected video three-wall environmental installation ‘The System of Objects‘, filmed in the Guggenheim Museum and newly completed Oculus in New York. The work also incorporated an extensive and innovative foreground receding sculptural component. The overall theme of the exhibition was that of ‘passage’ and life journey, very much in line with philosopher-anthropologist Joseph Campbell’s famous historical anthropology of ‘The Hero’s Journey’, from life to death, ignorance to enlightenment, from day to night, and that of eternal return.

Songulashvili’s monumental stage installation ‘IDEM ET IDEM‘ was presented for living legend composer, Giya Kancheli’s historical concert with world premiere. Inspired by one of Songulashvili’s painting series the composer entitled his latest musical piece for choir and chamber orchestra with the same name.

Songulashvili’s experimental performance ‘Synesthesia‘ was held at the Rustaveli National Theater / New Kimerioni. The artist’s experimental-performative project combined two fundamental blending forms: visual and hearing Synesthesia perception. The performance manifested through total improvisation and spontaneity. Songulashvili’s large-scale piece created during the performance is on permanent view at the Rustaveli National Theatre hall.

The monograph of Songulashvili’s work ‘The STYX’ co-authored by Mark Gisbourne was shortlisted and presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018, the world’s largest trade fair for books.

Instagram: levan.artist