Everyman by CHIANG Chi-Ming, CHENG Nung-Hsuan, HUANG Yu-Chia(TAIWAN),curated by Patrice CHOU


Everyman by CHIANG Chi-Ming, CHENG Nung-Hsuan, HUANG Yu-Chia(TAIWAN),curated by Patrice CHOU

Opening reception: 25 January 2019, Friday, 7pm - 9pm
Exhibition Dates: 25– 27 January, Saturday & Sunday, 12pm – 6pm

To welcome the prosperous new year as well as participate in one of the most anticipated annual events, Singapore Art Week, INSTINC Art Space will present the exhibition of “Everyman” from 25 to 27 January 2019. Curated by Patrice CHOU with introduction of three Taiwanese artists - CHIANG Chi-Ming, CHENG Nung-Hsuan, HUANG Yu-Chia, “Everyman” brings contemporary interpretation of the aesthetics of human figures and ordinary people by depicting artists’ observation of interpersonal relationship in the modern society through a variety of forms including wood sculptures, acrylic and oil paintings.

Starting from the perspective of human beings is the core concept of CHENG Nung-Hsuan’s focus of creation. Inspiration of classical paintings takes a significant part of his recent series. The dialogue between individuals and the Renaissance is opened through his deliberate juxtaposition and exploration of choices of colors and brushes, such as the unfinished contours and the fusion of objects and background. The use of seemingly familiar narrative pictures is fictional. Figures and objects are reorganized after dismantling through distorting, covering, dragging, etc., creating a quiet and mysterious ritual atmosphere, and revealing human desires and depressions in a fluid breathing state. CHENG Nung-Hsuan echoes the creation with the reality, intending to convey different possibilities of reading a painting.

Graduated from National Taiwan Normal University with a focus on Chinese painting, HUANG Yu-Chia is more than a thoughtful and considerate young lady; she is keen to learn different cultures and to mingle with the local. For example, she took illustration summer program at Parsons School of Design (New York City) in 2012 and participated in Symbiosis workshop at Boisbuchet by Centre Pompidou and Vitra Design (France) in 2013, respectively. In early 2018, she joined the “comic blast” project with artist residency at Arteles Creative Center in Finland. With the main interest in “real people” and profound living experiences, HUANG Yu-Chia’s work reveals the state and emotions of interpersonal relationships. Featuring asymmetrical body proportions and misplaced organs, however, protagonists in the realm of her painting are full of vitality intertwining with beautiful colors and simple lines. The artist says herself, "I hope viewers can be touched by my works."

Taking “teenage girls” as the theme to create series of wood sculptures is not very often found. Beginning with self-analysis of his perception of the opposite gender, CHIANG Chi-Ming transfers the emotional experience to reflect the atmosphere of modern society in his works. Through a variety of female expressions, appearances, movements and body languages, he portrays a visionary future with hopes and uncertainties. CHIANG Chi-Ming intends to deliver the message of melancholy in society. When complex emotions are entangled, as if traveling in the path of life, there will be uneasiness and uncertainty in the pace of stability. His work also metaphorically reflects the gap between reality and ideals of the real world.