Clarke Quay Alternative by Chihiro KABATA & Yuuri KABATA(Japan)

Title: Clarke Quay Alternative
(in Japanese: クラークキー オルタナティブ)
Period: Sept.15 (Sat) - 16 (sun).2018
Open: 12-9 PM
Opening reception: Sept 15(Sat) 19:00-
*Opening reception including floor talk.

Chihiro KABATA / 椛田 ちひろ


Yuuri KABATA / 椛田 有理


Chihiro KABATA and Yuuri KABATA are sister and independent contemporary artists. They joined project 6581 that was collaboration exchange air project of INSTINC and Youkobo art space in 2014. 

KABATA has started own art project "PROJECT KABATA" since 2017. At the beginning, there is "Kitasando Alternative" which is a temporary alternative art space creation project in abandoned house. Other one is "Hanzomon alternative" which is an art exhibition in office space in 2018. 

This "alternative" art project aims to quest a reciprocal or mutual relation. "Clarke Quay Alternative" is a first project in Singapore.