Breaking Walls, Turning the House Artist talk by INSTINC AIR Atsuko Mochida(Japan)

Breaking Walls, Turning the House

Artist talk by Atsuko Mochida


@INSTINC SOHO: 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, Soho2 at central #04-163

The current resident of Instinc: Atsuko Mochida (b. 1989, Japan) will make an artist talk. She will talk about her major site-specificartworks she did in previous years, such as the turning house, prison break, moving walls, etc.

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7:00-7:30  Artist presentation

7:30-7:45  Open discussion

7:45-9:00 Small party

Atsuko Mochida’s work breaks with physical boundaries – it turns the space we perceive in daily situation into something threatening, compelling, into a new level of subconscious behavior. Invading both private and public space she is able to translate everyday feelings into physical objects and installations.

Her work also refers to ones struggles to adapt to social and structural changes in contemporary life: the question of identity and role in today's world provoked through social and academic educational structures.

Entering one of Mochida’s installations can evoke a feeling as if entering a dreamlike state or as if you took a sudden sidetrack while drifting through thoughts. Or to quote Haruki Murakami: Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.

Stefan Klein (2015)