En Pointe by Kaylee SooHyun Lee (Korea)

En Pointe

An exhibition by Kaylee SooHyun Lee (Korea)

Presented by INSTINC, Singapore

Opening: 11th August (Friday), 7pm – 9pm

Exhibition: 12th & 13th August, 12pm – 6pm


INSTINC SOHO, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-163, soho2@central, Singapore 059819

"For entry to the gallery, please dial unit number 04163 using the intercom at the entrance of the building.”

Singapore –INSTINC Singapore is proud to present the exhibition En Pointe, by artist Kaylee SooHyun Lee.

En Pointe is Korean, LA based animation artist Kaylee SooHyun Lee’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. The show features series of recent animated works including screening of Until Dawn, her latest short film that was screened in international festivals, and series of drawings for her upcoming new film that is in a pre-production stage.

“En pointe” is a ballet term meaning standing on the tips of the toes - which seem easy for ballet dancers but could be only achieved through years of hard work and training. The title was chosen as Kaylee's works often times derive from fascination and appreciation towards dancers, but at the same time as she relates herself to the term as an animator, for animation is a medium that requires hundreds of drawings to create a single movement.

The pieces will be speaking for themselves - come and enjoy!


About Kaylee SooHyun Lee

Kaylee is a Korean born, LA based artist whose works are mainly focused on animation and illustration. She got her BFA at Ewha Womens University in Korea, majoring in Media Interaction Design where she learned skills for commercial video design. She is now an MFA candidate of California Institute of the Arts, Experimental Animation program. While experimenting with different mediums of animation, she aims to integrate her highly commercial background to create works that are on borderline between character animation and artistic animation.