WHEN DO THE TREES SLEEP? by Charlotte Parallel (New Zealand) and Jon He (Singapore)

An interactive sound map by Charlotte Parallel (New Zealand) + collaborative telematic performance by Charlotte Parallel & Jon He (Singapore)

Opening Reception: Friday 24 March 2017, 7 – 9pm

Telematic Performance: Friday 24 March 2017, 8pm

Exhibition Dates: Sat 25 – Sun 26 March 2017, 12 – 6pm   

Address: INSTINC, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-163, Soho2@Central, Singapore 059819

(Directions to INSTINC: Please locate the lobby of soho2, use the intercom and press 04163 and then the bell button. Once in the lift, press 4 to go to level 4. If there is any problem, please call us directly at 6227 9487. We will be happy to bring you up personally.)


Singapore – INSTINC is pleased to present When do the trees sleep?”, a two-part culmination of Charlotte Parallel’s artist residency in Singapore. The first part is an interactive sound map art installation by Charlotte Parallel, which will be exhibited at INSTINC gallery from 24 – 26 March, and the second part comprises a collaborative telematic performance by Charlotte Parallel and Jon He from Singapore, which will be presented during the opening night 24 March at 8pm.

Walking through the streets of Singapore at night, the trees offer a kind of refuge between the concrete and cars. The trees are lit from every angle, as are the buildings, bridges, underpasses, and almost all public spaces. Powered light makes space feel safe, exposing the cracks and corners and all that pass through. While light makes something visible it is dependent on a concealed electrical network that passes underground to transmit and distribute electricity.

Charlotte Parallel uses a DIY light-to-sound transducer (a solar panel plugged into an amplifier) to audify the electrical processes of powered light. Telematically, Jon He will be performing in INSTINC gallery using a g.qin (a customized hand controller), to sample and perform concrete sounds from the gallery space.

He and Parallel will be sonically navigating their respective sites over Skype, allowing a conversation from one place to another. Their ‘jam’ will be projected in the gallery where audience participation is invited by activating the sound map within the gallery.

The audio from the performance will also be streamed as part of: To Be Continued – a 24hr sound relay for world TB day. http://www.stazioneditopolo.it 


About Charlotte Parallel 

Charlotte Parallel is a recent MFA graduate at Otago School of Art and a practicing artist in the fields of sculpture, sound installation, collaboration and performance. Often choosing to respond to site in a temporal way. She has been exhibiting within New Zealand consistently over the last 14 years and internationally since 2010.

Since 2003 Dunedin has been the home base for Charlotte Parallel’s artistic activity which includes a range of curatorial and community initiated collaborative art projects. In 2010 Charlotte moved into the old Masonic Lodge in Port Chalmers to start an artist run initiative called the Anteroom. The Anteroom is committed to representing experimental projects with a national and international network of exhibiting artists. 

More about Charlotte Parallel and her work in this interview with links to her recent work


About Jon He 

Jingyin (Jon) He is an experimental sound and integrated media artist, researcher and educator. He works within a hybridized culture of art and technology, exploring the frontiers of computational creativity in contemporary sonic and visual arts practices. His works have been published at major international academic conferences/ journals and performed at specialized events and venues in US, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Jon completed his Bachelor of Arts in MusicTechnology at LASALLE College of the Arts(Singapore) in 2010. In 2011, he was invited to STEIM (Amsterdam, NL) for a workshop residency on instrument design for electronic music performance. With the support of CalArts Music Technology Scholarship, Jon completed his MFA in Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence and Design, and Integrated Media at California Institute of the Arts (California, USA) in 2013. During his postgraduate study at CalArts, he was a researcher in a program supported by National Science Foundation to teach Computer Science principles to digital media artists; and was also a researcher in a Google Research Award project to develop custom-built remote sensing devices for real-time audio data extraction and visualization.

Currently, Jon is a postdoctoral teaching fellow in Sonic Arts at Yale-NUS College, Singapore. Prior to this, he was completing his Ph.D at Victoria University of Wellington on a new methodology for the investigation of plucked-string instrument performance via interface design, digital measurement, and signal processing.

More about Jon He and his work at j-he.net