MAKAN by Eddie Botha (Australia)

Above: Makanby Eddie Botha, 56 x 76 cm Indian ink on 300gsm Fabriano paper, 1 Oct 2016. 

Opening Reception: 25 November 2016, Friday 7 - 9pm

Exhibition Dates: 26 - 27 November 2016, Sat & Sun 12 - 6pm

Address: INSTINC, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-163, Soho2 @ Central, Singapore 059819  (For entry to the gallery, please dial unit number using the intercom at the entrance of the building.)  

Singapore INSTINC is pleased to present MAKAN, an exhibition by Eddie Botha from Australia, artist-in-residence from October to November 2016. 

"Makan" is a Malay word meaning “eat”, but has also become a part of Singlish, easily understood by most people in Singapore. Eddie Botha’s exhibition “Makan” refers to the communal action of obtaining emotional nutrients for the journey ahead. It is about food being a means to socialize and shaping social circles around restaurants and meal times, as well as referring to emotional and social nutrition that the art world provides.

Using humor to entertain the viewer, Eddie also provides food for thought through his artworks by drawing attention to different types of interaction, raising questions about what we consume, food or otherwise. His work has been receiving high accolades in Australia and he is making waves with his fresh and innovative electronic works, mixed media and original hand drawings. 

Fragile Animals by Eddie Botha 520px wAbove: Fragile animals, by Eddie Botha. 60x60x7cm, Indian ink on mixed media board with electronic components and resin coating, 12 October 2016. Image courtesy of the artist. 


About Eddie Botha 

Eddie Botha’s work is both personal and indifferent, sentimental and light as he examines human interactions deeply. Born in South Africa, Eddie is a well-travelled multiculturalist, dreamer, comedian, nature lover and activist whose search for cultural identity and sincere relationships is expressed through his highly detailed drawings and paintings of people and society. Using pen, paint, newspaper and collage, Eddie depicts intricate, intimate scenes filled with a cacophony of characters who colour the everyday streets.  

Nothing in Eddie’s works is by chance. Combining a love of street art with the sensitivity of penmanship, a series of conversations about human nature, people, technology, media, politics and sexuality unfold before us using a complex language of colour, symbolism and metaphor. At first glance you will smile at familiar individuals as they are depicted in their most candid states: a beach bum, a suited man, a young punk. However, further contemplation of these seemingly sweet figures reveals a darker, more profound meaning embedded within each work- one that touches on the psychological and the humanitarian. Whether in groups or alone, each figure is revealing of one of society’s many sentiments- from brave excess, humility and beauty to greed, fetish and despair.  

Although dominated by recurring human faces and bodies, Eddie’s work also touches on the interaction between people and nature, people and technology, animals and animals. For him, nature and the technological often underpin many of our human experiences. By juxtaposing us with them, hard with soft, biological with material, Eddie prompts us to reflect upon the ways that contemporary contexts shape ourselves and inform our behaviors.

Eddie Botha in SG 520px wAbove photo: Artist Eddie Botha enjoying a hearty meal after arriving in Singapore.