ART IN PUBLIC SPACE - IMPORTANT, BORING, ________? by Maija Kovari (Finland)

Artist Talk: 28 October 2016, Friday, 7pm 

Workshop: 28 Oct  7:30pm - 9pm (Flexible)

Address: INSTINC, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-163, soho2@central, Singapore 059819  

"ART IN PUBLIC SPACE - IMPORTANT, BORING, __________?" is an artist talk + workshop on practices around public art, by architect/ artist-in-residence (October 2016, INSTINC) Maija Kovari from Finland. 

Should there be art in public spaces? If yes, why? Art in public spaces has seen many roles through the centuries. What should art’s place be in the future of cities and who should pay for it? These, and many more questions - along with some answers - are the topic of Maija Kovari's talk, which will tackle points of view from not only artists, but also developers, architects, and other people related to the field of public space. The talk will be followed by a flexible workshop and discussions on the same topic, concluding the research she has made here in Singapore.

Research now open for artists' views - give your opinion here! 

"My aim in Singapore has been to research and understand, how the public art field is organized here, and what kind of art it produces. After talking to city administration, and the private field of urban planners, I'd now like to know how local artists feel. This is the topic of our evening at INSTINC on Friday 28th Oct." 

What are your thoughts on public art? Is it an interesting field for an artist? What would you like to change? Join the conversation through an anonymous survey here, or live at INSTINC, Friday 28th October in the workshop at 7:30pm onwards.

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About Maija Kovari 

Trained both as architect (MSc.Arch) and artist (B.F.A), Maija Kovari has worked in the field of urban planning and design, and as an independent artist in the field of contemporary art. Today, she runs Public Art Agency Finland (PAAF); a company specialized in helping cities connect contemporary art in their processes of creating urban areas. 

"Do you want to create meaningful cities with art? 

Join us in re-integrating art in urban planning and design."

- Maija Kovari 

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