FAITH by Chang Hui Fang (Taiwan)


Opening reception: 2 September 2016, Friday, 7pm - 9pm 

Exhibition Dates: 3 – 4 September 2016, Saturday & Sunday, 12pm – 6pm  

Address: INSTINC, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-163, soho2@central, Singapore 059819   (For entry to the gallery, please dial unit number using the intercom at the entrance of the building.)  

Singapore – INSTINC SOHO presents FAITH, showcasing 1st solo exhibition by instinctive artist Chang Hui-Fang (Taiwan). Chang Hui Fang’s first international solo show FAITH, is a series of works that largely employs the approach of ‘Appropriation’ in art. Based on religious art works originating from the 15-17th century, it aims to encourage the contemporary viewer to reflect on their beliefs. 

When we speak of ‘faith’ nowadays, it does not refer merely to religion, but in fact to one’s deepest desire. Some find salvation in peace, love or family and hence are unable to let go of them; others seek money, sex or success as their ultimate goal. These things are often a complex product of our individual life experiences, and point towards what ultimately satisfies our hearts. In a world today which exalts freedom and tolerance, we are all in fact constructing our own definitions of ‘faith’. However, is what we build our ‘faith’ on necessarily able to save us?

These paintings use a composition of charcoal powder in water, the overlapping of various shades of colour and charcoal strokes to depict creatures in the sky. The use of brilliant gold leaf is also deliberately reminiscent of the image of classical art. In its ‘re-construction’ of the work on which it appropriates, each painting adds a layer of meaning to its original message. It is up to the viewer to make out the identity of the figures in each painting—a parallel to how we may subjectively define our ‘faith’. 

“模糊的信仰” 一系列作品,大量运用 “挪用” (Appropriation) 创作手法,题材取自十五-十七世纪的宗教艺术作品,针对现代人们的内心信仰进行反思。

现在,谈到信仰再也不只是宗教,而是人心中深植的信念。有人将 “和平” 、 “爱” 、 “家庭” 转为心中的救赎,无法割捨,也有人将 “金钱” 、 “性” 、“成功” 设立为人生第一目标,这些信念并不单一,通过各人成长经历而将其黏塑成一,信仰成为满足人心的通道。在这个高呼自由和平的年代,我们都正製造著自己的信仰。这些信仰是否最后都将成为人们的救赎?

素描作品中运用遇水流动性高的碳粉,重叠不同深浅色块和炭笔描绘组成天上的活物,这一系列创作中都贴上赋予辉煌感的金箔,借用古典图像并複製重新加添背后蕴含的概念, 观看时只能由观者去定义画面中模糊的神像,并给予他们名字,就如同人们内心定义自己的信仰一般。


About Chang Hui Fang 

Chang Hui-Fang is an artist whose artworks utilized large amounts of Chinese ink, combined with pencil sketching on paper for her initial works in Taiwan. She is passionate in incorporating realism from the abstract. Finding order in the seemingly uncontrollable through the use of Chinese ink, she pursues after the balance and harmony that transpires. She won the first prize of Tainan Fine Art Exhibition in 2001. Living in Singapore since 2012, she started to record down the memories and impressions she has of the country by using oil painting. She has showcased her works at venues such like Affordable Art Fair, Artspace 222, and “Remembering LKY- a tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew" works with local artists in 2015.

Born in Taiwan in 1981, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tainan University of Technology. She received her Master of Arts in Art Museum and Gallery Studies from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom (2008).

Instagram: changhuifangart


张慧芳运用很多墨和铅笔素描结合成她早期在台湾发展的作品, 而风格时常游走于写实和抽象之间, 她时常在画作中寻找製造平衡和节奏。2001年赢得台湾府城美展西画组第一名。2012年来到新加坡开始新生活, 她开始记录关于新加坡的记忆和印象。2015 开始到现在, 她的作品在Affordable Art Fair, Artspace 222 展览, 也在新加坡建国50年与新加坡当地艺术家共同展出”Remembering LKY- a tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew”。1981年出生, 于台湾台南科技大学美术系毕业, 英国纽卡斯尔大学博物馆与艺廊学硕士毕业。


About instinctive 

instinctive was formed in 2016, and strives to unite and support local and international art professionals of all media, whose work is unique, demonstrates clear ideas and a fresh artistic approach, and is relevant to contemporary art today. There are 7 local artists and 8 international artists (New Zealand, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Brazil). Our goal is to find opportunities to exhibit in different venues and catalyze artistic collaborations amongst artists.