FROM INSIDE OF THE OUTSIDE by Hong Kong artists: Fung Ka Fai, Wong Suk Yin, Elaine, Yuen Chun Tai, Ivy


Featuring multi-media works by emerging artists from Hong Kong: Fung Ka Fai, Wong Suk Yin, Elaine, Yuen Chun Tai, Ivy


All exhibition, talk and workshops are taking place:

INSTINC, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-163, soho2@central, Singapore 059819

Exhibition Dates

4 Aug Thursday 7-9pm Opening reception

3-7 Aug Exhibition hours 12-6pm

Artist talk: 2 Aug Tuesday  730pm

Artist talk will be lead by participating artists: Fung Ka Fai, Wong Suk Yin, and Yuen Chun Tai. Each of the artists will talk about their practice and experiences in Hong Kong. Fung Ka Fai shares about his daily life - working full time and painting during his free time, how he strikes a balance and manages his time. And Fung talks about the way he transform his experience of living in Hong Kong into his painting, how he create the main characters in his images, the space from his inspirations.

Wong Suk Yin talks about her transition from painting to video making, and how she transform encounters and experiences into her artworks. Apart from her works, Wong also talks about projects she did in the past two years that involves interviewing Hong Kong artists, and shared some works of interesting artists ( Joe Chan, Kenny Wong, Joey Leung, C&G Artpartment…).

Yuen Chun Tai talks about her practice and issues she concerns about - existence, through her choice of materials and execution. Yuen also shared her extensive research throughout her practice, including her visits to different locations in Hong Kong with historical significance.

Workshop I & II ,  6 & 7 Aug Sat and Sun 230pm (FREE)

Workshop (I) HK Vs SG Tournament
3-6 Singapore artists are invited to participate the workshop . Pls email  here by 5 AUG to join.

Singaporeans are first invited to ask 5 questions on things they wish to know about the Hong Kong art scene; then Hong Kong artists ask 5 questions about Singapore art. After that, representative from Instinc will select 5 different objects for the workshop. The objects are
given to the Hong Kong artists group and Singaporean artist group, each group is given time to examine the objects, relate the object to works of art in Hong Kong/ Singapore, and then share their views for discussion


Workshop (II) Inside & Outside

Pls email  here by 5 AUG to join.

Participants are invited to explore the exhibition space and identify/ create 'inside' and 'outside' using materials with symbolic meanings, eg. HK coins, SG coins, exhibition poster, materials found in SG, materials brought from.

Workshop name “Outside becoming inside”
- Artist request visitor (Singaporean) to donate for some stuff from their personal belongings, any personal stuff, e.g coins, candy or lipstick. All this personal stuff is imprinted with locality features. Visitor will give a brief history (story) or feature of the donated items to artist too
- Artist will exchange this donated items with his items bring from Hong Kong to give the visitors too.
- Artist will twist the visitor’s donated object into a mini-sculpture (artwork) or objects by integrating his experience she had in the Singapore and the visitor’s story about the object. After finished the artwork making, then artist could displaying this mini-sculpture (artwork) in the exhibition. And also artist will post /email back the min-sculpture (artwork) photo to the visitor

1. In poster or publicity we can invite visitor to bring a small object (handful size) to the opening
2. Collect joiner (donor ) to give his or her mail to visitor so she can mail back photo.
3. Total participants: 15-20 person only

INSTINC, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-163, soho2@central, Singapore 059819

Singapore – INSTINC is proud and excited to present an exhibition by a group of upcoming emerging artists from Hong Kong for the first time.

'From inside of the outside' is about contradiction form sides, boundaries and circles, each owning their unique believes, views and visions, that lead to diverging attitudes, voices and actions.

From all sides, there exists an ‘outside’ and an ‘inside’. Depending on where one stands, the outside of someone could be the inside of one’s opponent. Or the other way round.

The inevitable existence of such makes life more complicated than it already is.

The three artists intend to begin a discourse with the audience about ‘sides’, to arouse awareness towards one’s position (and stance), his relationship with (physical and mental) space, as well as the fine line that create the boundaries.

This exhibition features digital prints, video installation, drawings as well as oil paintings.

Yuen Chun Tai, Ivy

Yuen currently studying the Master of Arts in Fine Art at Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received her Bachelor of Arts ( Fine Art ) major in Painting at 2014, which is co-presented by Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University, Australia. She also gained her degree in Bachelor of School Sciences ( Hons) in China Studies major in Economics at year 2000."


She also being invited to participate the “Enliven -Fresh Trend 10th Anniversary Art Graduates Joint Exhibition” organized by the Hong Kong Art Network at 2014 . She is being invited by hong Kong Art Promotion Office ’s 12 Oil Street art spaces as the participant artist in the “ Sparkle!” exhibition series, currently as one of the artists in the art project named “ After One Hundred” running from year 2013 August to 2015 September.   

Fung Ka-fai, Sam

Fung Ka-fai was born in 1983, Hong Kong. He graduated with distinction from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme of The RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School, major in painting.

Works are mostly base on drawing and oil painting, Fung produces works engaging with the ideas of urban civilian's modern psyches, such as his drawing "Suit men" and "Riot police", it mostly uses the human figure in the landscape as a means to explore the human experience, solicitude and absurdity of modern life that surround ourselves with. The works in sometimes are just a express emotions or record, but frequently Fung makes a illusive picture response to specific situations or social contents. In 2011 He set up a studio in Kwai Chung. His works is collected by Hong Kong private collectors and Hong Kong Art School.


WONG Suk Yin, Elaine

Wong lives and based in Hong Kong. Currently pursuing her MFA at City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media. She received her BA (Fine Art) degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in 2014. In 2013 she was awarded the scholarship from Hong Kong Art Centre to attend the Culture, Graphic Design and Fine Arts program in New York Schoolof Visual Arts.

With a background in painting, her work is characterized by the transformation of observed social and related human behavioral phenomena, often enhanced with audience participation. Wong regards her work as a presentation of the response to her experience in the society through object making, installation, and interactive projects.