Getting to know you: recorded walks in Singapore, showcasing works by Georgia Mill (Melbourne) and Hera (Singapore/Indonesia)

INSTINC, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-163,
soho2@central, Singapore 059819
"For entry to the gallery, please dial unit number using the intercom at the entrance of the building.”

Singapore – INSTINC SOHO presents Getting to know you: recorded walks in Singapore, showcasing works by Georgia Mill (Melbourne) and local artist Hera (Singapore/Indonesia).

Can we get to know a place through its pavement?
Getting to know you is a collection of interdisciplinary artworks by Australian artist Georgia Mill and Indonesian-born Singapore-based artist Hera. The exhibition includes text, drawing, photography and sculptural works inspired by a series of walks taken around the city-state.

Using the act of walking as an investigative tool, the artists have traversed locations around Singapore, recording the GPS paths they walked, and their felt experiences. From shopping malls and islands to themed bars and eateries, there are a myriad of locations that aim to provide people with a sense of communal belonging, attachment, or anonymity. This work records details about the artists’ travels and invites people to imagine these GPS lines as traces existing upon the earth – a homage to the well known map reference, “you are here”.

As a contrast to the supposed objectivity of maps, these works aim to present an interpretation of "place" as braided narratives of physical trajectories and subjective personal stories – the lines between fact and fiction are blurred: “Does the line that we travelled really exist, are we explorers, tourists or just a couple of women with decent walking shoes?”

In addition, the title also references the process of artistic collaboration and how two people come together to make work – through an exchange of data and shared experiences.


About GEORGIA MILL - Georgia Mill is a Melbourne-based artist who works in site-specific installation, drawing, sculpture and participatory artwork. She has a Bachelor of Creative Arts from The University of Melbourne and a Master of Arts (Art in Public Spaces) from RMIT University. She has produced and presented works for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Punctum Live Arts Organisation, Nocturnal Festival Dandenong, Place Gallery Richmond, Brunswick Street Gallery, RMIT Arts Residency in Turkey, St Martins Youth Arts Centre and Emmy Monash Aged Care Facility. Themes in her work include the linear form, movement, storytelling, mapping and the experience of the everyday.

About HERA - Hera works in the intersections of Art, Design and History. Her practice interests include typography, mapping and the landscape. She graduated from MA Narrative Environment, University of the Arts London in 2014. Her MA research project was an investigation and a poetic interpretation on serendipity in library spaces. Currently, she is a teaching assistant in the National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture; she is also a graphic and exhibition designer.