instinctive Open Call 2017


2016: 15  instinctive artists are:

Yeoh Wee Hwee / Singapore
Urich Lau / Singapore
Sukeshi Sondhi / Singapore
Shin-Young Park / New zealand
Shih Yun Yeo / Singapore
Sarah Choo Jing /  Singapore
Lisa Chandler / New zealand
Lio Cheung / Hong Kong
Leo Liu Xuan Qi / China
Justin Lee / Singapore
George Liu Zhen / China
Eunice Lim / Singapore
Eddie Botha / Australia
Deusa Blumke / Brazil
Chang Hui Fang / Taiwan

INSTINC Collective strives to unite and support local and international art professionals of all media, whose work is unique, demonstrates clear ideas and a fresh artistic approach, and is relevant to contemporary art today.

Our mission and goal is :

  1. to provide a platform of creative inspiration, art information & multi-cultural exchanges as well as sharing visions and resources
  2. to find opportunities to exhibit in different venues
  3. to show our works to both local and international audience
  4. to catalyze artistic collaborations amongst members







Annual fees: 

Annual operations & adminstrative fee SG$250 (2016), SG$500(2017)


Part of this fee will go into:

Maintaining and updating of site and facebook page.

Researching & applying for exhibitions opportunities locally and overseas.

Organzing the Annual INSTINC sponsored exhibition by all collective artists based in Singapore.

What will you receive when you join INSTINC Collective ?

Your name and website link will be shown on the INSTINC's website/facebook page.

INSTINC collective newsletter- Feature an INSTINC collective artist from the collective every month.

15% discount when renting INSTINC SOHO for art exhibitions.

15% discount when renting INSTINC STUDIOS for art creation (min. 1 month). 

Direct admission to international artist residency and additional 15% discount to D'CLINIC studios in Hungary, East Europe and Studiokura in Fuokuoka Japan. Limited to 2 INSTINC collective artists per year.

Meet new INSTINC collective artists! Annual INSTINC sponsored exhibition and gathering of all INSTINC collective artists based in Singapore. 

Community support: whatsapp group to share and update on interesting exhibitions information and exchange news. (For INSTINC collective artist based in Singapore only)


How to apply?

You can apply online here.

If you have any questions , pls feel free to email here.

Selection done by: Shih Yun

Deadline is 1 MAY 2017 

Results announced via email by 1 July 2017

If accepted, the committe will also email you a more comprehensive pdf and also you will be advised  on a date to meet up in INSTINC SOHO.