For all living creative professionals in this cosmos

Are you looking for a creative RESIDENCY that matches your personality and skills?

Here at INSTINC, we  hold true to these 3 words: COLLABORATION, CULTURAL EXCHANGE AND FRIENDSHIP. We believe having a conducive work and living space can encourage international creative minds like yourself to experience Singapore in a new way and in turn energizes your practices.  

Creativity is contagious. Surrounded by highly talented, passionate creative people will very likely spark great artistic projects, including collaborative ones.  Why? Because creative people tend to share key personality traits & have similar interests :)

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INSTINC has partnered with Flywire (as of 22 Aug 2018) to make international payments easier and cost effective for our customers. Flywire allows customers to pay from their home country, in their local currency, thereby eliminating costly banking fees and international credit card charges. Flywire also provides round-the-clock, multilingual customer support for payment processing via phone, live chat, and email. Please note that Flywire only supports international payments and not domestic transactions. 

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