Pieces of the Night by Kunyoung Chang

Pieces of the Night
by INSTINC AIR Kunyoung Chang(Korea)
Opening 28 May 2014


artist's walkthrough + bookbinding workshop
(Pamphlet stitch and Case binding)
30 May 2014
$50 fees (all materials included)
to rsvp for a seat pls email here
12 Eu Tong Sen Street soho2@central #04-163


While in Singapore for an artist residency, Kunyoung Chang had an endless night.  It was the time of growth in which she could read, contemplate, write, draw and paint at her own pace.  Stepped away from her daily life and social interactions in Korea, she had a chance to reconsider the nature of human relationships.  Her work in Singapore is based on this awareness of how people get to know each other and how people can become estranged slowly and unconsciously.  Using Hanji, a traditional Korean paper, as a medium for painting, she creates a subtle visual language that evokes the sense of touch.  Along with this series of paintings, she is exhibiting her most recent artist's books, including 0, which is taken from Buddhist scripture about human relationships and is expressed in Chinese characters. 

My working process begins with oblique, but powerful perceptions of my surroundings and experiences. The book, both its physical and metaphysical nature, is an important medium for translating those perceptions. Through the meditative process of working with paper pulp, I explore a spiritual connection to the material, which evokes for viewers their own metaphoric associations. I seek to draw people’s attention to the tactility of the paper, suggesting the sense of touch and the beauty of slowing down. My work calls attention to things normally not noticed or considered and gives them a presence.