Experience by Denise Schellmann


Above left: Artist Nandita Mukand (Singapore) and right , Artist Denise Schellmann(Austra)


Singapore, INSTINC - Artist In Residence Program, Sept - Nov 2015.

What an amazing journey of self-awareness, full of impressions, influences, experiences and changes!

Very often people questioned uncomprehendingly, why Singapore was the  destination of interest for my first artist residency. Honestly speaking, when I applied, I just had a good feeling about this special place in the middle of South-East Asia and I was attracted by INSTINC’s unique concept, especially of cultural exchange between local artists and artists from all over the world.

And I was totally right!

During the collaboration with my local artist colleague Nandita Mukand I experienced art in a completely new way. As I am a passionate drawer and used to work on a two-dimensional level and Nandita is playing with different materials making sculptures, we tried to find a way of uniting our different approaches. In this organically growing working process we found our inspiration in the reaction on each other’s mark making, which opened my senses and showed me a novel access to the three-dimensional space. Encouraged by my collaborative working process, artist talks, opening receptions and exhibitions in Singapore’s art scene I also put great emphasis on developing my individual drawing technique. For instance, I started my research on color schemes and I immersed myself again into the scientific realm of cell cycles, structures, patterns dots and lines. This working and creating flow in pure solitude provided me an intense insight of relations between my consciousness, living conditions and my artwork.


To sum it up I want to say THANK YOU, SINGAPORE, for all you gave to me and prepared for me. I was impressed by the friendliness and respectfulness of your melting pot of people of all different cultures and origins, was overwhelmed by your wide range of fruit and food varieties, happy perceiving the different sensory impressions on markets, trains, streets and parks. Your crazy climate of heat and humidity and haze nearly knocked me down! You made me experience deep, sisterly friendship, love and life, fun and good vibrations! I had a blast!   Denise Schellmann