Brooke Wolsley Aug 2012


Brooke Wolsley is a Melbourne based visual and conceptual artist and she experiments in the mediums of collage, acrylic paint, craft, drawing, text, jewelery, music and food. She completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting and Drawing, 2007) and more recently her Honours in Fine Arts at Monash University (2009). Her works often extend out into the audience sometimes physically and sometimes by engaging the senses. The accessibility of art to all is of great interest to her and she likes her works to be an invitation to all, with paper and craft elements creeping underneath the gallery doors and encountering passers by. She is seeking to convey a raw sense of honesty whilst uncovering personal connections between herself, new environments, desire and transformation. Her choice of materials and forms such as collage, paint, drawing, text, humor, found objects and craft are intended to entice the viewer whilst symbolically representing various layers of meaning.