Alba Escayo June 2012

From the congeniality between Spanish artist Alba Escayo and Singaporean artist Yeo Shih Yun, one would imagine that the two have known each other their whole lives, or are really old friends. Yet the fact is, prior to Alba’s first visit to this sunny island Singapore, Alba and Shih Yun first became fast friends, together with some other artists, from participating in a ten-day artists’ colony in Lendava, Slovenia four years ago. That brief initial encounter sparked deep connections that have remained unhindered by both geographical and physical distance, as well as cultural and language differences. 

What makes it seemingly more serendipitous is the fact that Alba and Shih Yun were not actually paired with each other during the LindArt Artists’ Colony, but with installation artist Richard Warren from the UK and Japanese artist Hirofumi Matsuzaki respectively. In addition to her main collaborative artworks with Hirofumi, the partner assigned to Shih Yun for the duration of the artists’ colony, Shih Yun initiated two other series of collaborative artworks, with Alba and with Magdalena Suranyi from Argentina. 

Biography of artist

Alba Escayo completed her Fine Arts Degree in Madrid, Complutense University, and she continued her art education in the Academy of Bologna and Faculty of Belgrade. Today she lives and works between Belgrade and Madrid. Since 2005 she has participated in different art residencies, exhibitions and international projects. To travel and to know new places is a fundamental point for her motivation and inspiration. She works principally on painting and she often exhibits. Her work is present in public and private collections as well as in some museums. In addition to painting, she also does experimental photography which has been published in magazines, as well as illustrations for books or the press.