Zeenath Hasan March-May 2010

The compactness of everyday experience is aided in part by micro-managing impulses sent via the short messaging service where tasks are accomplished in 'real time’. SMS Tour Singapore delineates an event space to reflect on movement in the city. Fluxus event score inspired instructions are sent via SMS to a roaming audience in the city space. The messages are poetic impulses that slow down the experience of real time.
Zeenath Hasan (IN / SE) is a media artist and researcher who investigates mediated experiences through performative interventions using media from the everyday. Zeenath was raised in India and resides in Sweden. Her works have featured at the Pixelache Festival of Electronic Subcultures, Helsinki; Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich; Overhead Projector festival, Malmö; Videotage, Hong Kong.