Rune Søchting March 2010


Biography of Rune Søchting

Rune Søchting is an artist and composer of electronic music based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works in the intersection of sound based art, performance and music composition. He has made numerous installations, field recording projects as well as composed music for videos and live music for performances and dance-performances that have been shown around Europe. His work has been presented in exhibitions, concerts and festivals in Europe and Asia. He is the coordinator for Nordic Sound Art a joint study programme developed as a collaborative effort between 5 Nordic Art academies. (

During artist Rune's residency at INSTINC, he collaborated with artist Yeo Shih Yun on a film/sound project titled, "RandomA". It is a 16mm film with a duration of about six minutes. This 16mm film was created in Bergen, Norway during artist Shih Yun”s residency in USF in 2009. Everyday a section of the 16mm film is hand-painted and then stamped with a date/month/year stamp. This was created over seven days consecutively. This film is shown is in its raw form without any digital enhancement. The intention of the sound was to work with materiality and texture. The sound is based on field recordings from public spaces (Airport and malls) in Singapore. Custom made software divides the sound signal into tiny bits making the source of the sound virtually unrecognizable. The signals are then recomposed according to principles of density and particle size and different scales of silence are introduced into the sound. Concepts of time, memory and materiality are addressed in this work. This work was premiered at Lasalle College of the Arts on 18 MARCH 2010. The following night, artist Rune performed the very first sound art performance at INSTINC. He played with interesting objects like porcelain containers and sparkling water, together with his sound devices to create a truly ear-opening experience.