Hirofumi Matsuzaki Jan 2010

Hello Hiro


SY:Welcome to Singapore. You told me you have been to Singapore for one day in the past for transit. Now, having been here for about 10 days, what is your second impression of Singapore?

HM: l am very surprised.... I cannot believe that within such a small country,there are so many different ethnic towns like little India, China town, big city etc.

SY: Can you tell us more about your art education and how you became an artist that paints in this style? 
HM: I studied painting in Hiroshima. After graduation I studied at Hannover as guest student for 2 semesters and later I got a studio in Berlin Tacheles. So I moved to Berlin and  was in there for 4years. As my training is in painting, I wanted to find a way: what I can do with painting at this moment in time.

SY:Generally Japanese are perfectionists and takes pride in all they do, like their packaging design for example. Do you think Japan culture influence your works in some ways? 
HM: I didn’t think that Japanese are perfectionists. I think that I am influence in a way but I can’t tell exactly what.

SY: When and how did you discover using Processing-programming? When and why did you decide to incorporate into your body of works? 
HM: In  2006, I read a book by John Maeda and was inspired to find out more about programming and eventually discovered processing. 

SY: Your new works created @INSTINC are paintings and animations. Tell us more about this, the process ..etc
HM: First, I wrote a program for animation with processing and then using this program, I projected these images and drew the images with color pencil and took a picture for every frame. The animation consists of 2100 still shots. In my works,  I’d like to create new relationship between programming and hand-created works. 

SY: What is the current state of art in Japan? Are there many installations and videos?
HM: There are many different things. Now, I think there are many influences in the art scene from other fields like web, design, manga and even agriculture! How we work with this, How we connect, is very important, I think.

SY: You started Studiokura- International Residency Program in your home town in 2007... What was the inspiration and motivation behind this? 
HM: I want to connect my home town with all over the world! Artists bring new ideas all the time. It’s wonderful!

SY: What is so special about Studio Kura?
HM: studio is ideal for artists looking for a peaceful place to make work and engage with Japanese culture.

SY: How to apply? Is it Open Submission? Or by-invitation only?
HM: You can apply with your portfolio and plan, what you want to do. Visit www.studiokura.info for more information.

SY:Tell us one thing non-art about yourself that we should know about you. (Something that will surprise us) 
HM: I like Tiger Beer!

SY: Something that you cannot live without.
HM: Of course art and beer, my girlfriend.