Review: At The Expanse of Colour

INSTINC AIR May-July (Je-in Yun, Korea)

Exhibition Dates
25 July & 26 July 2015
Saturday & Sunday, 12 – 6pm

Opening reception: 24 July 2015, 7.30pm
Artist Talk: 24 July 2015, 6.30pm

INSTINC is pleased to present AT THE EXPANSE OF COLOUR, an exhibition showcasing works by current artist in residence, Je-in Yun (Korea) and her collaboration with Singapore artist, Estella Ng, as part of INSTINC’s residency programme, INTERACTAIR. This exhibition is the layering of both artists’ voices to create an overarching third dimension that confronts the viewer inspired by their time and experiences in Singapore. Colour has the capacity to speak volumes; evoke a mood that is often poignant and emotional. With this exhibition both artist have chosen to let this come through. Less about prescribing a narrative or being reliant on representational imagery, the emotive nature of colour should be self-evident.

“We wish for the broad, abstract-expressionist strokes to wash over the audience; for them to get swept under the blanket of colour. To be personally affected just as we have been. To make associations and find meaning; to be intrigued.” Je-in Yun and Estella Ng

Having shown together in the States a year ago, this is the second part of their collaborative journey. Je-in Yun & Estella Ng are both graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Painting 2014).

Born in South Korea, Je-in Yun participates in artistic discourse by putting together personal history and social/ cultural identity. Starting from personal memories, she
deals with social factors behind her unique story-telling. Using materials such as fabrics, accessories, and other clothing-related objects and tools, she represents the female identity in a social/ cultural context. The play of concepts and symbols is a crucial part of her paintings; Also a dialogue regarding painting in contemporary society- her work serves as the mirror of her current generation.

Estella's work has a strong tactile quality, much about the joy and spontaneity of exploring the surface. She instinctively uses her gut to make both life and art-making decisions... capturing on canvas all that is perceived through her sense of sight and touch. She is mostly driven by the resultant energy; the outcome of messing around with paint always surprises her. Increasingly the goal is to marry this liberating, post-modernist expressionism with marked intentionality- creating a tension. She plays with elements of hard and soft; placing fluid gestures against crisp lines, stradling Sumi ink with fluorescent pink...Making use of shape, colour and rhythm to make visceral, texturally-exciting paintings. She is inspired by music and travel- trips taken both in reality and in the furthest of dreams.

The first step into the gallery exposes you to an array of colours; red, blue, blue, blue, green, pink, yellow and the list goes on. At The Expanse of Colour displays an immersive installation that is unlike the conventional gallery setting. If you have always seen artworks on their own, here, you will see artworks interacting harmoniously with each other. This is the collaboration between Je-in Yun (Korea) and Estella Ng (Singapore); INSTINC’s first pair for INTERACT AIR. 

jein web02
TOP: INSTINC AIR Je-in Yun (right) & Estella Ng (left)

Despite it being both these artists second round of collaboration, Je-in mentioned that this collaboration has strengthen both in contents, materials and colours. As an artist usually works alone, this opportunity allowed them to be more critical of their practices. There were even a couple of works in the exhibition where some of Estella’s expressive marks have rubbed onto Je- in. This shows evident synthesis of colours & approach, which has evolved each artist. What better way to learn through the marks of collaboration.

jein web03
jein web04
On the other side of the exhibition, Je-in’s iconic installation of blue yarns & helium balloons allows you to interact & be immersed in an muster of emotions. The notion of time and timelessness draws you into an atmosphere of two ends. One, experiencing fun interactivity with balloons; almost like a children’s playground. Two, being enveloped by the awareness of gradual floating, falling and keeping still. The artist has created a chemistry that leaves us in search of how these fleeting moment affects us.

Sometimes we have our own definition towards specific colours. For instance, yellow could be happiness while red is boldness. For Je-in, the meaning of blue has changed after her stay in Singapore. The possible emotions that reflect upon colours are limitless; they never bounded by stereotyped definitions. 

Now, shall we relook at the colours of the rainbow?

Text by : Eunice Lim


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