Contributor: Hsiung Lu-Fang

Hsiung Lu-Fang | Guest writer in INSTINC in 2012.


"It is a privilege to be able to have an open (and sometimes prolonged) conversation with an artist, to be given a reason and access to have a glimpse into their worlds and their minds; a privilege for anyone, in fact, to be given permission to freely ask questions of another, and receive answers candidly. 


In documenting the happenings at INSTINC through words, I am very lucky to have had the chance to speak with and learn from the artists who have lived here for a time, who have each made their marks while passing through this space. 


Let me not take it for granted then, and give the same love and attention to their work through my writings as the artists have invested their love, attention, and their selves in making their works… not to flatter or lavish undeserved praise, but to see clearly what has been made, and speak simply of what I see. 


And if there are flaws, to gently point it out, not to tear it down, but in the spirit of raising it up to the light, so that there might arise an understanding of how a work may become its best."


Hsiung Lu-Fang 

21 December 2012